Terms and conditions


KENZINA accepts payment by Dankort/VISA-Dankort. The transaction will not be completed until your order leaves our stock. KENZINA encrypts your account information in alignment with the SSL (Secure SocketLayer) protocol. Which means that others will not be able to read your card number and other information during the PBS transaction.


All KENZINA shipment is provided by Post Danmark or UPS. We ship your orders as either letters or packages, depending on the size, weight, value and more. Your shipment payment is normally a flat rate of 60DKK in Denmark or 10 euros in Europe.
If your order is shipped as a package you receive a ‘Track and Trace’ number, which enables you to keep track of your package from the post office to the delivery address. This is a Post Danmark service.


KENZINA shipments are executed in collaboration with Post Danmark or UPS. A pre-requisite for timely delivery is Post Danmark’s compliance with the day-to-day delivery agreement. Delays can occur within Post Danmark which will affect the delivery time for your KENZINA order. In regards of delivery security Post Danmarks quality goals are (minimum) 97 % for packages sent as letters and 99 % for packages. Keep in mind that these numbers are averages across larger locals and time limited variables. KENZINA cannot be held responsible for Post Danmark delays. In case of extensive delays (several days) or default deliveries, KENZINA provides a replacement order free of cost.

Return policy

KENZINA’s return policy allows you to return orders within 14 days, counting the day of receival. If you regret a purchase all you have to do is return the product in the same condition as you received it. When the product is received and approved by us, your money is refunded (incl. postal charge and expedition) and placed in your account within a few working days.  Return expenditures are not held by KENZINA. 


KENZINA provides a 2 year warranty in compliance with the Danish Sales of Goods Acts, comprising manufacturing and material defects through normal use. The warranty does not cover defects, damages or wear and tear directly or indirectly as a result of misuse, misconduct, violence or unauthorized interference. Complaints about deficiencies detected through normal use of the product, should be directed to KENZINA within 5 days past delivery. The products can subsequently be returned for repairing, exchange etc. and by special agreement credited. In regards of warranty and return issues you, the customer, bare the shipping cost.


In case of agreements of discounted, returned or prepaid items that are cancelled prior to shipping, a full or partly reimbursement of the sale price will take place. The reimbursement usually happens through a bank transaction, and KENZINA therefore needs your non-sensitive bank account information. Since these are non-sensitive these can be sent by email or through other traditional forms of correspondence.


Personal information registered at the KENZINA website, will not at any time be transferred, sold or made accessible for a third party. All information will be stored safely and only be accessible by the care by me staff.
In regards of electronic payment a highly safe and encrypted system is used. This is provided by an authorized provider certified by the e-mark.
During a purchase we require your name, address, phone-number, and email address. This information is necessary in order for us to take care of your order. The information is transmitted and stored un-encrypted for 5 years. The purchase contract is not stored at KENZINA, in a manner that enables you to later access, change or view the status of your order.
KENZINA registers the IP-address from where your purchase was made. This information is usually at no use. However, this information can be used during a criminal investigation, since all false orders are reported to the police.
In compliance with the Act on Processing of Personal Data, we only inform about registered information if permitted, and delete information by request.  


KENZINA cannot guarantee that the website is running and working flawlessly at all times.